St Peter's CofE Junior School

St Peter's CofE Junior School

A place for all to flourish

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At St Peter's, we strive to ensure that every child is able to flourish. We do this by providing an education for the Head (ensuring our pupils achieve academic excellence), Heart (developing the character skills and mindset needed to become happy and virtuous individuals ) and Hands (providing real opportunities to make a difference and change the world).




Academic excellence (Head)

Not only do we expect all of our children to develop as confident writers, readers and mathematicians, we also aim to broaden their knowledge of key concepts in Science, the Humanities, Art and culture. We believe this knowledge should be empowering knowledge, knowledge that draws on 'the best that has been thought and said.' Importantly, we also ensure that this knowledge is also shaped and applied to the needs of the present and the future so that our pupils can begin shaping the world as it should be.


Character and Wellbeing (Heart)

We ensure that our children love coming to school here by ensuring that they receive a broad and rich education in a happy, inclusive and joyful setting. As a result, the wellbeing of our children is a central pillar of the work we do; ensuring our pupils are healthy in both mind and spirit. We also aim to provide experiences and situations in which our children can develop a set of ethical underpinnings, wellhoned character traits of resilience, kindness and compassion alongside a real growth mindset attitude in which they believe anything is possible.


Making a difference (Hands)

We aim to instil in our pupils, the belief that they are part of something bigger and understand their moral and social responsibilities; that their actions or inactions have a direct positive or negative impact on the society in which they live. As a result, we place an explicit focus on preparing our pupils to become active citizens and leaders in our community. We truly believe our pupils can change the world.


  Mr Michael Bradley



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