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Art & Design

At St Peter’s, we believe Art and Design helps children grow in confidence, learn more about themselves and develop their creativity. It is a subject which everyone can access, regardless of their literacy or numeracy skills. It provides children with opportunities to develop their cultural knowledge, finding out more about the world around them now and in the past, and the creative forces which have shaped the way our culture looks today. Because the results of an art lesson are so visual, tangible and immediate, it gives children the opportunity to gain great satisfaction from their creations, learn how to appraise their own work critically, give and receive feedback and see immediate results when they make changes and revisions. In this respect, it is an important tool in helping them develop a growth mindset and developing learning skills which can have a positive effect in other areas of the curriculum.  


We believe that everyone can and should access and enjoy Art and Design lessons. We aim to present, scaffold and teach skills and knowledge in inclusive, inspiring and relevant ways. In line with the National Curriculum, our programme of study from year three to year six includes learning about a range of artists and designers from the past through to the 21st century, giving children a broad understanding of developments in Art and Design, and developing a vocabulary to help them evaluate their work. Every unit involves developing core skills in painting and drawing, while through the school we also experiment with a wide range of other media such as sculpture, collage, printing and textiles. Rather than just emulating the work of artists, however, the focus in our lessons is very much on individual creativity. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to approach a piece of work, ideas are valued just as much as technical skills, and as students progress from year three to year six they are encouraged to gradually develop their independence in selecting subject matter and choosing their own tools and techniques.

Art & Design Intent

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