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Community Groups

At St. Peter's, we try hard to provide opportunities for our pupils to make a positive contribution to the World in which we live, both locally and further afield.

As part of that aim, we have a number of Community Groups that:

  • challenge the status quo and raise awareness of a wide ranging number of issues;
  • support others and raise funds to those in need;
  • promote improvement locally and globally.

Any child, from any age, is encouraged to be a part of some (or all) of these groups.


Diversity Defenders

Our Diversity Defender community group seeks to inform and help develop an awareness and greater understanding of inequality in the world. It's aim is to value and celebrate diversity across the 9 protected characteristics: gender, religion/belief, disability, marriage and civil partnership, race, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, within an age appropriate and adult guided forum. Children openly discuss issues that are important to them and produce informative assemblies, celebrating 'difference' and campaign for equality within the wider community. The group is an active member of WE schools, a global organisation that encourages children and young people to believe that they are never too small to have an active voice for change: in school or in the world. 

Tisai Island Link Council

The main aim of our school's Tisai Island Link Council is to support the Mustard Seed Project ( and to educate the rest of our school about the importance of helping others, when we can.

Described as a 'poor community within a poor community', Tisai Island is in the Teso region of Uganda. The community of Ruddington, with the support of our link council, regularly raise funds to help the people of this Ugandan community. School events include: movie nights (where pupils watch educational films such as The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind) and 'Teddy, Toy & Book' Sales where pupils have brought in unwanted items from home so others can buy them. So far, the council have raised in excess of £1000.

Through this group, our pupils are also encouraged to learn about the 17 sustainable development goals. The World aims to achieve these Goals by year 2030. It is not so far away so we need to act right NOW. If we don’t waste food, water and electricity that will help protect the planet. If people are treated fairly and respect each other that will make big difference too.

The Mustard Seed Project charity's main aims are:

  • providing relief from poverty;
  • promoting education;
  • empowering women and girls.

We teach our school children and the local community about life in Uganda and how through hard work and perseverance we can make a real difference to the world.‚Äč

Green Team

Green Team Mission Statement

Our Green Team, which is made up over 50 pupils at St. Peter’s, is committed to improving the World in which we live.

Climate Change is an issue that everyone needs to do something about.

The Green Team is about raising awareness but it is also about TAKING ACTION:

  • taking action in schools;
  • taking action at home;
  • taking action in and around the community.

We have a working action plan and every time we complete an objective, we add a leaf, flower or fruit to this dead tree, so it comes alive!

We can all make a difference and the Green Team are advocates of the change that needs to happen.

If you have a question, comment or idea, find someone who is wearing one of these badges and speak to them about it.

Alternatively, you could email the group at: 

Tree Planting

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