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Values and Vision

Our aim is to be a place for all to flourish.


We are driven by our values (see Values Tree) and firmly believe that in doing so we are giving our children the very best life chances


In practice this means providing all pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully access the secondary curriculum. In particular we make it a priority that our pupils leave St Peter’s able to read fluently and with understanding, regardless of their starting point or background. This is in accordance with our values.


However, there is more to primary education than being 'Secondary Ready'. We believe in a holistic education that ensures the attainment of basic skills is balanced by a broad curriculum that encompasses social, technical, cultural, physical and problem solving skills. This is a strongly held belief. We do not limit or narrow our curriculum in response to national curriculum testing arrangements. This would be contrary to our values.


Finally, we hold firmly to the belief that our pupils’ welfare and sense of wellbeing are both pre-requisites to the above and an essential responsibility for us to share with our families and community. In doing so we incorporate the values of respect for the law, tolerance, understanding of those who are different from us and of what is right and wrong into all that we do.


In short, we aim for St Peter's to be 'A Place For All To Flourish'.

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