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Picture 1 Art
Picture 2 Drama
Picture 3 Music

At St Peter's we place a high value on Art, Drama, Music and other creative activities, recognising how they contribute to children's happiness and well-being, as well as enhancing learning across the curriculum and helping children appreciate other cultures. We recognise the importance of celebrating children's creativity and successes in these areas.

Art and Design offer children the chance to express themselves and show their creativity. We develop skills in drawing and painting, using everything from watercolours to pastels, as well as sculpture and 3D model-making, printing and outdoor art using natural materials.
Picture 1 Year 3 Picasso-style portrait
Picture 2 Year 4 snowflake design printing
Picture 3 Year 5 Paul Klee-inspired watercolours
Picture 4 Year 3 mask, inspired by Picasso sculptures
Picture 5 Year 3 face made from natural materials
Picture 6 Year 3 creating environmental art
Picture 7 Year 3 creating environmental art
Picture 8 Year 3 creating environmental art

As well as our regular productions such as the year 4 Christmas play and the year 6 Summer production, we use drama across the curriculum. We have recently taken part in a partnership project with Nottingham Playhouse to support us to introduce more drama Into subjects such as English, History and PSCHE which involved Playhouse staff training teachers and running workshops for children in all year groups.

Mr Rogers has also begun a popular after school drama club for years 5 and 6.

As well as a taking part in a weekly music lesson as part of the curriculum, children also have the opportunity to learn a wide range of instruments and join our school band and choir.