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At St Peter’s, we view Science as the foundation for understanding the world around us, and a subject which should be driven by curiosity, awe and wonder. We also believe that Science education is key in accelerating a culture of innovation, by which children can grow up to create a better world for future generations.


Science is all about ideas and evidence. ‘Ideas’ underpin the knowledge element of the Key Stage 2 programme of study; we believe that our pupils need to have a strong base knowledge of scientific concepts and principles on which to build and inspire their own points of enquiry. ‘Evidence’ relates to the vital importance of exploration and investigation, as highlighted in the ‘Working Scientifically’ component of the Science curriculum. In each and every Science lesson at St Peter’s, there is a combination of ‘ideas’ and ‘evidence’; this means that quality scientific knowledge is taught, with the skills of scientific enquiry permeating throughout all learning. As a result, St Peter’s pupils are inquisitive, ready to ask questions, and always seeking to deepen their understanding through experience. 


At St Peter’s, we deliver a curriculum that capitalises on first-hand experiences. Whilst making connections with other subjects vastly enriches Science learning, Science as a core subject should be independent from themes/topics if not directly relevant, to ensure that children develop a secure understanding of each area of the curriculum. As a Junior School, we teach Science through the specific disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, making explicit references to the terms and encouraging children to understand the value of these distinctions.


We have made the decision to teach similar areas of the curriculum across the school at similar times. This is so that Science learning can be shared and celebrated across the year groups. Additionally, it allows teachers to support each other in ensuring coherence and clear progression from lower KS2 to upper KS2.

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