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Lunchtimes at St Peter's

Lunchtime at St Peter's is 12.10pm to 1.10pm for Years 3 & 4 children and 12:20pm to 1:20pm for Years 5 & 6 pupils.


During the lunch hour we have various activities which are changed daily so that the children experience a wide variety of activities throughout the week, examples of these activities are:

  • Bat and ball
  • The climbing frame / trim trail
  • Basketball
  • Music corner - for children to dance to music
  • Quiet area - for children to colour in pictures and draw or take a cushion and simply read a book
  • Chalking / Drawing
  • Football
  • Free play area that has balance boards, skipping ropes and hula hoops
  • Activity game panels for children to test their skills on or against each other
  • Parachute games
  • and more....


Meet the Midday team

Meet the Midday team 1 Mr Herbison - Senior Midday Supervisor
Meet the Midday team 2 Mrs Baxter
Meet the Midday team 3 Mrs Cheetham
Meet the Midday team 4 Miss Flatters
Meet the Midday team 5 Mrs Osmond
Meet the Midday team 6 Mrs Patel
Meet the Midday team 7 Mrs Purnell
Meet the Midday team 8 Mrs Scott
Meet the Midday team 9 Miss Tivey
Meet the Midday team 10 Mrs Zomot

Lunchtime Sports

Lunchtime Sports 1 Mr Jalland
Pupils at St Peter's have a wide variety of Sports available as lunctime clubs, run by Mr Jalland. You will find them most lunchtimes out on the field running a sports club; Cricket, Football, Rounders, Multisports, Athletics, Tag Rugby to name a few.