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Lunchtimes at St Peter's

Lunchtime at St Peter's is 12.10pm to 1.10pm for Years 3 & 4 children and 12:20pm to 1:20pm for Years 5 & 6 pupils.


During the lunch hour we have various activities which are changed daily so that the children experience a wide variety of activities throughout the week, examples of these activities are:

  • Bat and ball
  • The climbing frame / trim trail
  • Basketball
  • Music corner - for children to dance to music
  • Quiet area - for children to colour in pictures and draw or take a cushion and simply read a book
  • Chalking / Drawing
  • Football
  • Free play area that has balance boards, skipping ropes and hula hoops
  • Activity game panels for children to test their skills on or against each other
  • Parachute games
  • and more....


Meet the Midday team

Meet the Midday team 1 Miss Brown - Senior Midday Supervisor
Meet the Midday team 2 Mrs Baxter
Meet the Midday team 3 Mrs Cheetham
Meet the Midday team 4 Miss Flatters
Meet the Midday team 5 Mr Herbison
Meet the Midday team 6 Mrs Lonsdale
Meet the Midday team 7 Mrs Osmond
Meet the Midday team 8 Mrs Patel
Meet the Midday team 9 Mrs Purnell
Meet the Midday team 10 Mrs Scott
Meet the Midday team 11 Miss Tivey
Meet the Midday team 12 Mrs Zomot

Buds in Blue

Buds in Blue 1 'Buds in Blue' help organise team games
Buds in Blue 2 'Buds in Blue' support improving Lunchtimes
Buds in Blue 3 'Buds in Blue' caring for younger pupils

We have some additional lunchtime supervisors who look after particular children. They are our 'Buds in Blue'


Our Year 5 and 6 school 'Buds in Blue' are trained by Miss Brown. 

Buds in Blue children take an active role in helping to ensure that lunchtimes are enjoyable for everyone. They wear special coats, so that they are easily spotted on the playground. Some of our older children have also received extra training which means they are able to help in organising team games too.

Lunchtime Sports

Lunchtime Sports 1 Mr Jalland
Pupils at St Peter's have a wide variety of Sports available as lunctime clubs, run by Mr Jalland. You will find them most lunchtimes out on the field running a sports club; Cricket, Football, Rounders, Multisports, Athletics, Tag Rugby to name a few.