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Picture 1 "Creating..."
Picture 2 "Adding..."
Picture 3 "Sharing..."
Picture 4 "Engaging..."

iCASE, which stands for:


  • Create - Plan to create, not simply consume technology.
  • Add - This will add to your child’s learning experience not replace things we already do well.
  • Share - iPADS will allow us to share learning experiences and our IT skills with the local community.
  • Engage - We expect tablet technology to increase and sustain engagement in learning tasks.


Many schools across the country are endeavouring to use tablets on a One to One basis but to the best of my knowledge only private schools or those with special funding have been able to do so without asking for significant donations from parents. We however, are in the incredibly fortunate position of having received all of these devices as a gift from one of our parents.


We believe this project will be transformational and would like our parents (as well as our children) to be a part of the journey.

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