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FOS can only raise vital funds for school if we put on fantastic events and to do this we need great equipment.

Below is some of the kit we have to do such that and we thank those who have kindly donated items and/or their time to help with our equipment inventory.

Picture 1 Marquee 1 (3m x 6m)
Picture 2 Marquee 2 (3m x 6m)
Picture 3 Gazebo x4 (2.4m x 2.4m)
Picture 4 FOS Folding Tables
Picture 5 FOS Folding Tables
Picture 6 Collapsible Bar
Picture 7 Chocolate Fountain
Picture 8 Game Boards
Picture 9 Football Shootout
Picture 10 Splat the Rat (summer)
Picture 11 Splat the Pud (christmas)
Picture 12 Sleigh of Beer (raffle)
Picture 13 Human Fruit Machine
Picture 14 Lob-a-Choc
Picture 15 Roll a Coin
Picture 16 Tally Counter
Picture 17 Darts (indoors/outdoors)
Picture 18 Coconut Shy (outdoors)
Picture 19 Coconut Shy (indoors)
Picture 20 Tombola Drums x3
Picture 21 Basketball Goal
Picture 22 Bingo Machine
Picture 23 Tropheys
Picture 24 Feedback Board
Picture 25 Wrapping Paper / Stationery kit
Picture 26 Refreshments
Picture 27 Refreshments
Picture 28 Refreshments
Picture 29 Refreshments
Picture 30 Traffic Management
Picture 31 Play Your Cards Right
Picture 32 Bucket Ball
Picture 33 Spin a Prize
Picture 34 Hoopla
Picture 35 Buzz Wire
Picture 36 Disk Drop
Picture 37 Lucky Lolly
Picture 38 Knock Can Alley
Picture 39 Ping Pong Ball Toss
Picture 40 Hook a Duck
Picture 41 Giant Dominoes
Picture 42 Face Paints
Picture 43 Raffle books / Licenses
Picture 44 Mobile TV Display

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