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Autumn Term - Year 6


Welcome to the autumn term of year 6 at St Peter’s. We hope this newsletter will provide you with an overview of the learning we will be covering from now until Christmas. 



After exploring emotions and feelings using the film, “All is Lost”, we will be undertaking a novel study of Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, linking to our theme of ‘Survival’. This will involve reading and responding to the story, as well as completing a range of activities from creative writing to learning outdoors.  After half term, we will be researching Judaism, which involves exploring the effect WW2 had on Jewish people. The topic will be enriched with a visit to the National Holocaust Centre in Newark in November, aimed at KS2 pupils. Later in the term, we will also be carrying out our own Enterprise Week where the children will be planning, making and then selling their products during the Christmas fair (Friday 29th November), with the aim of making a profit. During this topic, we will be exploring persuasive devices in Literacy.


Mathematics will cover a range of topics including place value, fractions, percentages and decimals as well as consolidating and extending multi-step problems involving +, -, x and ÷. However, we also plan to delve deeper into our children’s mathematical understanding and thinking by providing lots of investigations that are mathematically very rich – we will start by discovering numbers that exist in nature - ask your child about this soon!


In Science, we will study forces and electricity; these sessions will comprise of practical and theory-based activities and will link with pupils’ understanding of the real World and the topic of electricity powered moving vehicles in DT.  We will be continuing to learn about ourselves and each other through SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning). Pupils will be developing their awareness and understanding of how to be efficient learners through appropriate learning habits and this will involve setting and working on their own personalised targets, which will be reviewed regularly. We will be extending our ability to speak Spanish (on a Tuesday) with Profe Gray and we will also be carrying out regular Music sessions.


Year 6 homework this term will be issued on a Friday. Tasks will be: (i) maths facts e.g. times tables; (ii) spellings; (iii) a maths activity lasting no more than

30 minutes; (iv) a SPaG (spelling, grammar and punctuation) task lasting no more than 30 minutes; (v) and reading. We need to ensure your child takes responsibility and shows initiative in completing homework to the best of their ability and they return them to school the following Friday, as we will be going through these in class. Naturally, we hope your child will read regularly at home and we would like them to record this (along with an adult’s signature) in their new homework diaries. These will be checked on a weekly basis (Mondays) and children are encouraged to read widely through our Book Bingo incentive, which is stuck in your child’s reading diary.

P.E. Kit

P.E. will be on Tuesday and Wednesdays (although we do ask that PE kits remain at school throughout the week). Tuesday’s lesson will take place outside, where your child will have opportunity to extend their fitness. Indoor P.E. this term will initially focus on Gymnastics and Dance. Indoor P.E. kit should consist of a white T-shirt, black shorts and indoor sports shoes. Children, for outdoor P.E., should wear kit appropriate to the time of year and sport being undertaken. As it causes huge amounts of office disruption, school will no longer phone home if your child has forgotten their P.E. kit. Instead, pupils will be offered older and less desirable clothing! We hope you understand and support us in this decision. In addition, if your child is taking part in lunchtime sports clubs, please ensure they have suitable clothing for these sessions and are not using their school uniform.

I hope this information will be useful for you and your child and if you are able to support in any way, prior to or during these topics, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have a special interest in any of the areas we plan to cover, and are interested in coming in and supporting in class, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mrs Abel, Miss Kalwa and Mrs Walton

Maths Revision - lots of help and Youtube links for demonstration