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Maths Revision - lots of help and Youtube links for demonstration

Summer Term - Year 6

Our two main topics this term will be a History-focussed exploration of the Maya civilisation, and a theme of ‘Survival’ linked to Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. But before the fun fully starts, we need to get the small matter of SATs out of the way! SATs week is taking place week beginning 13th May, so revision will be in full swing until then. It is important throughout this time that your child is able to put in the best effort possible, therefore completing any necessary home-learning and ensuring they have plenty of early nights!

After SATs, we will be looking at enhancing children’s appreciation of English by undertaking a novel study of Kensuke’s Kingdom. This topic will involve reading and responding to the story, as well as completing a range of activities from creative writing to outdoor ‘Survival Days’ (including activities like den-building, learning to light fires and cooking). This has always been one of the highlights of Year 6. The children will also be given the opportunity to perform in the much-anticipated Year 6 production of… … you’ll just have to wait and see! Tickets for this ‘sell out’ event will be available nearer the time. Performances will be held in July – exact dates to be confirmed nearer to the time.

Maths will involve lots of revision of mathematical concepts taught and pupils will also be looking at questions that will help in improving exam techniques. Post SATs, we intend to engage the children in more investigative studies, of a problem solving nature.

Our summer term’s History topic will be exploring the Ancient Maya civilisation. This has already begun with archaeological workshops with Dr Diane Davies. After learning the basics, the children will lead their own learning and explore areas of interest and approaches that enthuse them – art, drama, written/spoken research – you name it. In Spanish, Year 6 will continue with weekly lessons and take part in a transition project on Guatemala, led by Year 9 Rushcliffe Language Ambassadors.

In Science, we will continue the theme of survival by focusing on how animals have adapted to their environments, and how this has created a diverse and rich world in which we live. We will also be looking at Electricity and Light. Through our study of microorganisms, our food technology project will centre around baking bread. In Computing, Year 6 will be looking at ways of developing video and photography using iPads.

Home-learning will continue in some detail for the weeks leading up to SATs, so please continue to support your child in any way that you see fit. After that, it will inevitably tail off, with more emphasis on optional home-learning activities as this will prepare them for the demands of secondary school ‘homework’. Naturally, we hope your child will read regularly at home and we would like them to continue to record this (along with an adult’s signature) in their homework diaries, even after SATs. A number of Year 6 pupils have already completed the ‘Book Bingo’ challenge – perhaps you can ask your child how they’re getting on with theirs…

Year 6 PE will be on a Monday (indoor or outdoor) and a Friday (outdoors). This will focus on team sports such as stoolball, rounders and cricket as well as athletics. Naturally, in hot weather, this will cause odours of an unpleasant nature and potentially causing them embarrassment, so PE kit is absolutely essential! Please help to avoid this by ensuring your child brings suitable kit and takes it home regularly for washing.

We hope this information will be useful for you and your child and if you are able to support in any way, prior to or during these topics, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have a special interest in any of the areas we plan to cover, and are interested in coming in and supporting in class, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Year 6 team