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Autumn Term - Year 5

Welcome to the autumn term of year 5 at St Peter’s. We hope this curriculum flyer will provide you with an overview of the learning we will be covering from now until Christmas. 


We will kick-start our very exciting year with the study of the Ancient Greeks. This historical topic was launched today with a fantastic workshop hosted by Portals to the Past and gave the children a terrific flavour of this ancient civilisation. Who were they?  Why were they important?

In Science, our theme will be Forces; this will involve lots of interesting and practical investigations. Alongside the Ancient Greeks, our second theme for the autumn term is “Space Invaders”, focusing on Earth and the Solar System. In Music, pupils will hopefully gain an appreciation of Holsts’ The Planets. To enrich our learning, we also intend to visit the National Space Centre in December - more details to follow soon.


Our key topics for the term will be used to enhance our writing in English; these will include studying and writing a range of Greek myths and legends from Greek history and using HG Wells’ War of the Worlds as inspiration for a range of writing styles including radio broadcasts. Each class will also begin to study one of the following texts: Toro, Toro; Boy in the Tower and CloudBusting. Reading skills will be taught throughout the year so your child can become a more fluent reader with improving comprehension skills and hopefully further develop a love of reading.


We will encourage your child to learn to develop a genuine curiosity in Maths through a range of activities that allow them to appreciate concepts such as number pattern and sequences. The pupils will revise and extend their knowledge of Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Statistics, Perimeter and Area. We will also include regular arithmetic and times tables ‘checkers’, supported by practise activities at home. Research states that children who know their times tables become better mathematicians than those who don’t, so please encourage your child to learn all tables up to 12x12 off by heart!


In Art, the children have already created some street art. They will also be doing a unit of art with Mrs Cross, focusing on texture in drawing, printing and collage. Towards the end of term, they will explore sewing techniques. In RE, pupils will study Pilgrimages and the importance this plays in the lives of people from different backgrounds. In other subjects, children will be increasing their knowledge and confidence in speaking and understanding Spanish, learning with Profe Gray; Mrs Board will continue to develop the children’s Computing skills and with Mr Jalland - for indoor PE – the children will do Gymnastics and World Games, possibly linked to the Olympic Games.


Building our pupils’ learning powers continues to be a whole school focus and the main theme for this term is collaboration. Teaching pupils to know what powers/habits make them better learning (such as listening, persevering, managing distractions, noticing to name a few) will be incorporated into lessons every day.


Homelearning tasks

  • We hope that your child reads regularly at home, recording what they have read in their Home School Record. (Five times per week is still expected). We would be grateful if a parent or carer could sign the Home School Record on a weekly basis and update the Reading Bingo card, which has been designed to encourage wider reading.
  • Your child will be encouraged to practise their times tables with a variety of activities to complete at home.
  • There will be occasional Home Learning Projects which have been introduced to develop children’s curiosity in our topics.

Aside from reading and maths facts, we have deliberately taken the decision to lessen the focus on formal learning outside of school, with a greater emphasis on pupils researching areas of personal interest that can be shared back in class.

Indoor PE will take place on Tuesday afternoons and outdoor games on Mondays.  Additionally, the pupils will be doing yoga for the next three weeks and learning about the benefits of mindfulness. Indoor PE clothing should consist of a plain T-shirt, shorts and indoor sports shoes (e.g. plimsolls or clean trainers). For outdoor sessions, pupils will need appropriate warm clothing for cold weather and a separate pair of trainers which are for outdoor use only. 


We hope this information will be useful for you and your child and if you are able to support in any way, prior to or during these topics, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have a special interest in any of the areas we plan to cover, and are interested in coming in and supporting in class, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Karen Cross, Neal Gingell, Rachel Gray, Angela Greig and Ian Mawer