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FOS Defib Donation

St Peter’s Junior School presented with life-saving defibrillator

A Nottingham school has raised funds to install a defibrillator to save lives in its local community.

Pupils and staff at St Peter’s Junior School on Ashworth Avenue, Ruddington wanted to ensure visitors and all users of the school had access to a defibrillator as the nearest one is some distance away and the school is a busy community hub.


As a result of various fund-raising activities and events, such as collecting 5p’s in the summer holidays, a pupils’ disco and the recent summer fair and car boot sale, the Friends of St Peter’s Junior School Ruddington (FOS) charity was able to make a

donation of over £500 to the school to purchase the defibrillator. The brand new defibrillator has been placed in the

entrance foyer of the school and has adult and children sized pads. Staff at the school have also received training in the use of the device.


Head teacher John Mapperley said “I am delighted to receive this defibrillator on behalf of the school; it offers peace of mind to the staff that we are able to respond quickly and appropriately before an ambulance arrives. I would like to thank the FOS as we could not afford this from our normal school budget.”


Jennifer Boniface, the Chair and Trustee of the Friends of St Peter’s Junior School Charity, said “This is one item we have

purchased for the school that we sincerely hope never has to be used! However, should the worst happen, we are pleased that this life-saving piece equipment is now available to everyone at St Peter’s."


FOS continues to work hard fund-raising to benefit the school and will complete their next project of the construction of a new outdoor classroom in the summer holidays. For more information about the Friends of St Peter’s Junior School Ruddington, please visit: